How to your the ToyChest to hold your items for shipping later:

In order to select Toy Chest hold you must update this information for each order you place.

Step 1) Click "I want to use a new billing address"



Step 2) From there you will see the two "Toy Chest Options" you will need to select to complete your order:

- Your Pre-Order Payment Preference

- Your Pre-Order Hold Preference


Pre-Order Payment

  • If you select "Please Charge Me for My Pre-Orders Up Front" we will charge right away.
  • If you choose "Please charge me as my pre-orders become available" we will charge your items as they arrive into the store.

Toy Chest Options

  • If you select "Please hold all my purchases in The Toy Chest for shipping later" we will hold all of your items until they are all instock and then send you an email asking if you would like to continue to hold or have the items shipped out.
  • If you select "Please ship my items to me as they become available (extra charges may apply)" whenever a pre-order arrives we will charge you for the item and for shipping and ship the item out to you the next day (except Sunday due to post office being closed). We will split your shipment so when you log in you will see the order number with a -1 or -2 behind it and it will list shipping details including tracking number.